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Want to target your competitor’s most active LinkedIn fans with Facebook ads?

Now you can.

With our tool Crowdist, you can scrape everyone who engages with your status via comments or likes.

Note: you can outsource similar tools on Upwork (or scripts which are cheaper) for a couple of hundred dollars. In the meantime, know we are releasing this tool to the public in – hopefully – one month.

The problem with Crowdist is we only get work emails from the posts. Not the best for creating a remarketing audience. To get their Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail emails, we use a Chrome extension called Contactout that provides them.

Or, we can use or Pipl to retrieve personal emails at scale from the LinkedIn data we receive from Crowdist. Note that these services can get rather expensive.

Here’s how the process works at scale:

Step 1: Extract Profile Data Using Crowdist

From people who comment:

From people who like a post:

Once you have their profile data in a spreadsheet, filter it by the demographic that makes sense for your prospects. For example, we’ll remove everyone from the spreadsheet except people with “founder” or “CMO” in their title.

For Contactout, we contract a virtual assistant to go through all their LinkedIn profiles to provide their personal emails in another column.

Keep in mind you can only go through five hundred profiles/day if you have Sales Navigator. Otherwise, LinkedIn will ban you at their discretion.

Once we have a decent number of personal emails, we can market to them. The first step is uploading them into Facebook as a custom audience.

By using the Contactout and LinkedIn scraping, here are three custom audiences you can create:

  1. Create a custom audience based on the people who like or comment on your content.
  2. Create a custom audience based on the people who like or comment on other people’s content.
  3. Create a custom audience based on the people who engage with a LinkedIn company page content.

You can then filter each audience by job role and other criteria based on the exported profile data. Now you can run hyper-targeted Facebook ads at scale.

We use a few media different assets to create eye-popping Facebook ads.

You must use the right media assets. For example, if you scrape Tony Robbins’ posts, then you should have his name in the copy or a picture of him in the image (with approval, of course). This way the Facebook ad will attract his LinkedIn followers.

If you nail down the media assets, you’re off to the races. I’d recommend using several LinkedIn accounts for scraping. This way you can build your remarketing audiences faster.

Also! If you’re concerned you don’t have a budget for retrieving personal emails, then know it’s not the end of the road. You can build a Facebook remarketing audience with only work emails. The audience is smaller, but it still works and converts.

If you have any questions about this process, you can message me here.

P.S. We are releasing our LinkedIn growth hacking book next week with a limited version of our Chrome extension for auto-connecting based on URLs. Excited to share it with you.



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