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How to Add 5000 Founders & C-Level Executives to Your Facebook Friend Network

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When I moved to San Francisco, I had no network.

Five months later, I was connected to thousands of VCs and founders.

All with one simple tool.

This Facebook Auto Adder.

You plug in Facebook URLs of people you want to connect with –

This tool will automatically send them friend requests.

Before you use it, optimize your profile.

Start with asking yourself these nine questions about who you want to connect with:

  1. What job title(s)?
  2. Where do they live?
  3. What income level should they have?
  4. What industries should they be working in?
  5. What habits and routines should they have?
  6. What social activities should they take part in?
  7. What type of friends should they have?
  8. What past accomplishments should they have?
  9. What social platform should they be the most active on?

By understanding my target network, I’ve connected to thousands of these people by simply Facebook friending them.

Before I sent them friend requests, I designed my profile to increase the acceptance of my friend requests.

This is how I did it:

  1. Posted shareable content to increase my follower count

  2. Used a professional and memorable headshot

  3. Published high-value statuses 3X a week

  4. Used a cover photo with an influencer
  5. Took many photos with influencers

Once you have a well-designed profile, it’s time to Facebook friend people at scale.

First, download this Chrome extension (make sure to watch the tutorial on how to use it):

If you need Facebook URLs – you’re in luck.

In the link above is 20,000+ Facebook URLs of founders, CMOs, Head of Growths, VP of Marketings, VCs, and more.

You can also use tools like Grouply to extract Facebook URLs and job titles from Facebook Groups at scale.

And with that, you’re ready to have a high-level Facebook network.

Enjoy 🙂

Josh Fechter

Author Josh Fechter

Co-founder of BAMF Media, Josh has evangelized growth for a couple of the fastest growing SaaS companies, authored five marketing books, and was awarded Top Quora Writer of 2017 & 2018. He has over 200+ million views on his writing.

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