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Can one tool really do it all in 2018?

That’s what Phantombuster does.

It’s a code-free way to get data at scale from domains to LinkedIn profile URLs.

In 2018, we’ve tested almost a hundred growth hacking tools.

Most break.

Other don’t work at all.

The few that rise to the top makes all the difference.

That’s Phantombuster.

Today, BAMF is awarding it the “Best Growth Hacking Software of 2018.”

With Phantombuster, you can have a person’s name + company name in a Google Sheet, then use this software to get their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile URL, and email. Founded by Guillaume Boiret, the software has taken the growth hacking industry by storm.

Whether you’re attending a conference and want to fully enrich the data of the attendees or take social selling to entirely new level – this software has got you covered.

Here are a few of their many features:

Here’s how easy it is to use:

If I want to find the LinkedIn profile URLs from a list of names + company names, I can do it just by plugging in a link to my Google Sheet and the column title.

In a minute, I have a list of LinkedIn URLs of all my prospects. Powerful.

No more using assistants to scale data collection.

You now have one tool to rule them all:


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