Hey Product Hunt, Here's Your 25+ Case Studies of the Best Growth Hacks From 2017

Create predictable revenue across Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, B2B cold email, event marketing, and more.


"Bottom line, you create tremendous value for people, so they see a clear benefit to associate with you."

- Dennis Yu, Co-Founder of BlitzMetrics

"Knowing cool growth hacks doesn't make you a great marketer. Josh also practices what he preaches, both for his own brand and for various clients."

- Julius Baron, Founder of JumpKit

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  1. Evangelized growth for a couple of the fastest growing SaaS companies, including Autopilot (top 10).
  2. Created the fastest growing community for getting startups traction (over 18,000+ members).
  3. Authored two of the top ten books launched on Product Hunt.
  4. Featured: Inc., Mashable, Entrepreneur, and Forbes.


Don't miss out on these epic growth hacks.

  • Facebook Marketing Growth Hacks 09
  • How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups30
  • Facebook Targeting Hacks 32
  • How I Made $200,000 from One Facebook Group 34
  • 10 Ways to Use Custom Audiences 60
  • How to Create a Chatbot with Zero Coding 71
  • Growth Hack Your Affiliate Marketing Program 84
  • The Hustle's Ambassador Framework 95
  • Complete Guide to Throwing Epic Events 114
  • Unlimited “InMails” — LinkedIn “Hack” 132
  • Growth Hacking LinkedIn Content Marketing 137
  • The Anatomy of a Viral LinkedIn Post 154
  • How to Get Thousands of Leads from Quora 159
  • Reverse Image Search for Getting Backlinks 192
  • How to Find Your Competitor’s Guest Posts 194
  • How to Use Direct Mail like a Boss 196

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Logan Young

Logan Young

Co-Founder at BlitzMetrics

Take the hardest working person you know and multiply by three. That's Josh Fechter for you.

But more than just working hard, he knows how to get impact from his time - hence, his position as the top and best-known growth hacker on the planet.

Lucy Zhao

Lucy Zhao

Product Marketing at Plivo

Josh is a Rocket on Steroids. Not only is he currently the best growth/marketing hacker, he's also tremendous at giving back to the community.

Deon Nicholas

Deon Nicholas

Hacker and ACM World Finalist

Pros: Every single thing is actionable. This book is pure gold.

Lucy Zhao

Sarosha Imtiaz

CMO, Aiva Labs

Pros: Great guide full of actionable, step-by-step advice with MANY examples! Over 70 pages of growth hacks you can implement right now.