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We created a system to make LinkedIn posts go viral, non-stop.

They come from myself, my co-founder, and employees.

All of them tie back to our company.

And send traffic to our site.

In fact, they’ve led to 90 percent of our new leads.

Keep in mind, we have a 11,000-person Messenger list and an active 16,000-person Facebook Group.

In other words, LinkedIn statuses result in almost 10X more leads than our list and community, combined.

Here’s the step by step of how we did it:

1. Create a Repository of Viral Content

As a copywriter, I’ve written over one hundred viral posts.

I turned each one into an outline and saved it in a Google Drive.

This was the hard part.

To hit one hundred viral posts, I had to write several thousand pieces.

This took a couple of years of writing.


Once we outlined one hundred pieces, we had the confidence to hit home runs over and again.

2. Develop Tools to Automate the Processes

Rather than keep all these outlines in a Google Drive, we put them in a custom Chrome extension.

This way we can insert them right into our LinkedIn statuses.

It even works with Facebook and Quora, too.

We named the tool, Sposts (social posts).

It cost us $2K to build.

Here’s an example of it in action:

This is the fastest way to publish viral content on any platform.

What are the repercussions?

3. Invent New Positions

We hired writers.

Their job?

To tell the stories of our employees both business and personal.

In every story, we link back to our company page.

The results:

This drives thousands of visitors every month to our website.

Not just any visitors, but people who’ve already read our LinkedIn statuses, then read the About Section on our LinkedIn company page, and finally, clicked through to our website.

Our KPI is how many people we can drive through the link in the picture below.

To give you a reference, we went from zero followers on the page to almost 8,500 in four months.

Now that we’re putting more effort into it, we’re expecting 40,000 in the next nine months.

This gives us an entirely new asset to distribute content from.

And our latest company post had 500+ engagements.

That’s powerful.

Get the Best on Board

When it comes to writing stories, we don’t make exceptions.

We need top-tier writers.

How do I know?

It took me five years of writing to build the audience I have.

That’s hard to replicate.

Plus, we don’t present the average job.

We give writers 1300 characters to go viral.

It takes a high level of writing expertise to make that happen.

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn has become the new go-to platform for getting leads at scale and brand building.

Have you jumped on it?

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