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Imagine being one of the most influential employees in Tesla, Apple, or Microsoft.

Here’s the catch: you can do it.

It only a few minutes.


One word: LinkedIn.

Here’s the step-by-step process to becoming an influencer in your target company:

Step 1: Auto-Connect to All Employees at Target Company

Get a Sales Navigator account which will let you auto-connect upwards to a couple hundred people every day. Dive into the criteria of whom you can connect with, then select the target company. You can even get into more detail by targeting only c-level executives or employees with particular keywords in their bio. In this example, we connect with employees at Tesla.

I recommend targeting people by job function within the target company. The reason is LinkedIn only shows 40 pages of search results per a query. To not overlap while connecting with everyone, automate connection requests among many different functions.

Keep in mind, you have 30,000 connection slots on LinkedIn.

That’s a lot of room to fill.

Just make sure, at any given point, your sent requests are less than 1,600. To see these sent requests, go to My Network, then Manage all. Here you can retract requests one hundred at a time.

The next step is to use the Chrome Extension, Linked Helper, to auto connect with the people in your search queries at scale, entirely automated.

To make the process easier, here’s a video detailing how to do it.

After auto connecting to thousands of employees, you should have thousands of them in your 1st-degree network. This means they’ll see your content, you can export their email, and direct message them.

Step 2: Create Engaging Content

I wrote an entire guide on how to create engaging LinkedIn content here. The difference is when you’re trying to influence a specific company, you want to focus on content appreciating other team members and tagging the company’s LinkedIn page in every status.

Here’s an example where I knock out both. I interview our head of growth hacking, Hendry, while tagging BAMF Media’s LinkedIn company page. This tells LinkedIn to push out the content to the rest of the company employees.

This way, in a matter of a single day, one LinkedIn post can reach thousands of employees in the billion-dollar company you work at.

Step 3: Export all Their Emails

To export all the emails of your LinkedIn connections, go to Setting -> Privacy -> Download your data -> Connections.

Once you click Request archive, you’ll now have a CSV of all your first connection emails. So if you’re connected to thousands of Tesla employees, then you can send them all an email. Rather than do that, we do this.

Step 4: Repurpose LinkedIn Content for Ads

We take these emails, then upload them to Facebook Ads Manager as a custom audience. Now we can run ads to these employees on Facebook and Instagram. You want to run ads letting them know who you are and what you do. You also want to run ads that showcase the company in a positive light.

I do this by taking one of the better performing LinkedIn posts I’ve written, then reusing that copy for an ad. Here’s an example post below where I took the same copy, then use it for a Facebook ad with a different picture.

As you can see, I use the same copy, but with a team picture.

In only a few minutes, I’m connecting with everyone in my company, publishing content they’ll see on LinkedIn, and remarketing to them on Facebook and Instagram.

I detailed the Facebook remarketing strategy in this video.

Time to Rock ‘n’ Roll

Want to infiltrate a company?

Be the most well-known employee of a billion-dollar brand?

The power is in your hands to make it a reality.

It’s never been easier.



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