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How to Get Emails from Facebook Groups

By September 7, 2017 No Comments

Credit: Josh Fechter

Here’s how you can do it:

Part 1: List the Facebook Groups you want to target

Use your buyer persona to find your customers on Facebook. Find out what groups they are in and list the relevant ones in a Google Sheet.

Go through the group members to find more ideal customers and repeat this process. Send out an invitation to join all of the closed Facebook Groups you come across and make a note in your Google Sheet.

Continue until you have about 40 or 50 Facebook Groups listed that you want to scrape. You can choose to outsource this work to a VA (virtual assistant) as it can get time consuming.

Part 2: Grouply

You now have your list of Facebook Groups – next step is to install Grouply.

Grouply is a Google Chrome plugin which you can use to extract Facebook group members’ first name, last name, company name and profile url into a .csv file. You can download the plugin in the Google Chrome store or on their website. If installed correctly, a lime green Facebook logo will pop-up in your Chrome bar.

Before you continue with extracting data, set your Facebook language settings to English. Don’t forget this step as the failure to do so will mess up your results.

If you are on the group page and you are all set to extract, navigate to the member page under*groupname*/members/ and set the filter on join date. Open the Grouply plugin in your Chrome bar and click on “Start Extracting”.

Leave the software running and don’t change tabs as you’ll then lose your progress. Download the results in a .csv and you’ll have a file like this one. Rinse and repeat!


Part 3: Upload the CSV Into Email Hunter

Upload your Grouply CSV into Email Hunter using the Email Finder feature.

email finder.png

Hunter will return many of the email addresses associated with the contacts.


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